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March 2019

March is here but so is the cold! WOT?? I remember back in the day, when March meant spring and warmer weather...but this year it's late. I'm sure that like me you're just counting the days until you can get your VW back on the road. I usually put my pride and joy into storage November 1st and take it out April 1st...but this year I am just hanging to get out there and cruise! Trips through the countryside, along the beach and all day excursions to who knows where!

So getting back to the website I'm excited about this months Feature Super Beetle that has been around the world! Somehow this Super Beetle has been to New York, Aruba, Germany and ended up in The Netherlands! A nice read about a nice guy and his 1303S model...check it out! There's a new VW Desktop Image that you can use to make your PC or Tablet look beautiful and show where your heart really is! Puzzles are new! Snow Bug is new! Spin the Beetle is new! Or you can test your ultimate VW knowledge by trying out our VW Trivia...bet you can't get them all right!

Hey you! Yeah you! I know that you own a Super Beetle or you wouldn't be here... I need a favour from you. I need your 1302 or 1303 Super Beetle for a feature. It's "Super" easy and all I need is a few pictures that you can even take with your phone. Put a few paragraphs together about your VW and send that all off to me. As a former editor for VW Trends I can edit the article for you and then we'll show your VW off for the world to see. Posting it on FaceBook is good but after ten minutes it's gone!! Your VW will be featured for a full month and then take it's place in the gallery FOREVER! Contact me today and let's make it happen! See you soon!

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